I'm Guillaume Desy, welder and owner of the Cycles Golem since 2002.

 In my youth, I quickly realized that a bike could give me freedom and the outreach that little could provide. As I got older, I learned about the basis and principles of mechanics  and the benefits of physical activity.

Golem is born mixing my mountain bike, road and cyclocross racing experiences, ; my workshop, retail and industry experiences; my academic knowledge in mechanical engineering and a dissatisfaction with the products available on the market.

Each bike takes shape in my small independent workshop of Québec City, without assembly line or quotas to reach. The finished product is a bike that reflects my views in relation to this simple machine and my personality: durable, simple, low profile, practical and unpretentious.

I build the bikes with  steel. Steel is a dense material that allows tubing manufacturers create a variety of sizes and thicknesses allowing me to make bikes with different characteristics for the intended use.

 Still interested? You can contact me to discuss in detail.